Tulis & Chamomile

Snails are much maligned, particularly by gardeners, but shamanically they bring strong spirit medicine. Tulis (large) and Chamomile (small) are well-named – just as the herbs are useful against insomnia, anxiety and stress they too are here to say slow down and remember to breathe! They might also be asking you ‘what’s the big hurry?’, are you rushing around too much and creating mental and physical stress? Perhaps you are doing things too quickly and missing the finer detail, bigger picture, or overall goal? They would ask that you let go, sit back and observe whether what you are doing is worth it and if you perhaps might have strayed from your true purpose.
Tulis and Chamomile are also here to remind you that it is OK to work at whatever pace suits you at this time. Don’t worry about not getting things done on time, trust your instincts -falsely constructed deadlines aren’t always healthy or obtainable. Simply stay present in the moment, be mindful, and you will know if you need to change pace or direction in a project or in life in general. Don’t let anyone else dictate what speed your journey should be lived at. This will only cause you more stress.




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