Poppets sadly abandoned and left homeless after their usefulness  has expired.

Poppets arrive at our door all year round. Purchased or made for a bit of fun humans rarely know what do with or how to care for poppets after using them. It is important that people remember that a poppet is for life. Please adopt one of our poppets and give them a happy loving forever home.

Doll With Pink Dress

This doll will not tell me her name. She does not like me and has, I’m afraid, been most uncooperative in my trying to rehabilitate her but I still wish her to find an owner who understands the trauma she has suffered which causes her recalcitrance today. I will not accept her back.

She was found sitting in a pool of her owner’s blood some 14 years ago, her owner having been stabbed to death by a family relative in a drunken rage. She was sent to a charity shop along with many of her owner’s possessions but they rejected her because the blood stains on her pantaloons could not be washed out.


Thrown in the rubbish she escaped and spent the next 14 years causing havoc as she moved around the county. Sometimes when she was picked up (or placed herself) amongst a good family she would try really hard to be good but the violence she witnessed would soon manifest in her actions too. Please keep sharp items well away from her.

My dear friend Bathsheba, proprietoress of Feral Fibres has made her a lovely new dress – unfortunately we have had to sew her into it as she has a habit of running around as nature intended. In order to keep her in her place I have bound her with a circle of stones. Please take great note of the stone circle photograph. She will be sent with bound hands and feet. On arrival please place the stones in the correct order as shown. Then place the doll in the circle and only then untie her.

She loves jam doughnuts but only raspberry filling…do not taunt her by giving another type of jam. You have been warned.

Porcelain and cloth with eight binding stones

11 inches/28cms



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