Neoma, meaning ‘Full Moon’, has been created solely for the purpose of relishing Full Moon energy. She can absorb energy if placed outside in the beam of the moon. Indeed, as this May ‘Flower’ moon is a rare ‘blood’ supermoon coinciding with a total eclipse (unfortunately only seen by those in the Western Americas), I have taken the opportunity of bathing her in this particular full moon’s energy, so she will arrive in your home fully charged and ready to go. Neoma’s mirror and pure crystal beads capture the beautiful rays of the moon, as do her silver decorations.
Neoma is a potent vessel – when fully charged she can aid your psychic abilities, work with you in full emotional intensity to realise what you truly desire and how to start manifesting it, and meditating with her will help find clarity on a situation. I could go on but I’m sure Neoma will aid your particular needs once she gets to know you.

Handmade doll, made from felt and cotton. Quartz crystal beads. Tibetan silver decoration. Seed beads.  
6 inches/15cm in length


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