Simon is a salutary lesson on how to treat dolls. His owner loved having Simon at his side in his early years. With every new adventure (trips to the sea, birthday parties, a walk in the park) Simon would be there. However, during mid-teens, when Simon had virtually been abandoned, his owner started an unhealthy obsession with the doll. He started to burn and cut the doll, leave him out in all weather conditions and bury him up to his neck and kick a football at him for ‘target practice’. This abuse obviously took a huge psychological toll on Simon and he began to enact the type of torture inflicted on him on those around him – teddies, dolls, pets and any wild creature he could find. He was brought to my attention by the teenager’s mother and I’ve have been working closely with him to try to curtail his blood-thirsty rampage. He is now only allowed blunt blades and stuffed toys to ‘play’ with and I believe, given the right nurturing conditions, Simon will revert fully to the adorable little chappie he once was.

Plastic moveable head, arms and legs with solid plastic body. T-Shirt hand-dyed with leaves. Linen trousers. Linen toy. Real thorns in head. NOTE: Care must be taken as Simon is holding a real razor blade and although rusted and blunt might still cause damage if not handled with care. As such Simon cannot be sold to anybody under the age of 18.

13 inches/32cm in length







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