Sadako (Wall Hanging Doll)

Did you know the iconic long haired ghost Sadako (Samara) from The Ring films was based on a real psychic Japanese girl from the early 1900s? It is a sad, yet fascinating, story and worth investigating. Ultimately, it is believed that Sadako was killed by the doctor who was researching her paranormal gifts and he through her down a well. According to legend, Sadako was not dead when she landed in the well. When she awoke she tried repeatedly to escape by scaling the walls. She died, still entrapped, seven days later and it is believed she cursed the world with her last breath. The famous Ring films graphically depict Sadako enacting her revenge.

Cloth doll, cotton dress, nylon hair.
13.5 inches/34 cm in length



Please do enquire if you would like your very own wall hanging Sadako



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