Sacred Spring Goddesses

I have long held a deep connection with sacred springs and wells and always make an effort to visit such sites on my travels. I was therefore not surprised when I was guided by the eternal Sacred Spring Spirit to craft poppet goddesses imbued with the energy of the spring they represent. I have begun with the very sacred and very well-known Red and White Springs at Glastonbury. Each poppet has visited the spring with me (see photos) and is adopted with a little phial of sacred spring water from the site. 




My dolls/toys/curios are for display only and not to be played with as toys i.e. they are NOT suitable for children.


Re online-selling regulations I want to make it quite clear that you are buying a tangible doll for entertainment purposes only. Whatever history they come with I cannot guarantee you will have the same or similar experience. I am not responsible for any activities or non-activities which may occur as a result of purchasing any item on this site.