RockTroll Poppets

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The History

In the year 1827 a journeyman travelling through the Devils Gorge towards the Hookland village of Drift Bardon made camp for the night in a sheltered overhang by the side of the road. Whilst gathering wood for his fire he noticed that a recent rockslide had exposed the mouth of a small cave. Using his flint and steel he lit a candle and ventured into the cave where, to his astonishment, he discovered hundreds of tiny alcoves carved into the walls. In each alcove was a small figure, formed from clay. Some appeared to be forms of Magical Poppets placed in wool-lined caskets, others were Ghost Poppets or Poppets in the shape of Animals, Mythical Creatures Gods or strange things that he had never seen before.


One particular figure drew his eye more than the others and he picked it up gently to admire it before placing it back. Despite knowing that they would bring him a fortune if he sold them to one of the museums in Ashcourt or Hook, or to the scholars at Oreleton College in Weychester  he sensed very strongly that they should not be disturbed or removed. By the dim light of his remaining candles he memorised the shape of every figure in the cave, counting 227 of them as he made his way around the alcoves. As dawn broke he had memorised them all and exhausted he made his way back to his campsite where he climbed into his bedroll and fell fast asleep.


The sun was already high in the sky when he awoke. Realising how vulnerable the cave would be to robbers he made his way back intending to block up the cave mouth forever. To his astonishment when he arrived back at the place where the cave had been he found no sign of it at all, just a solid rock face. Wondering if the whole experience had just been a strange dream he headed back and began breaking camp. As he went to pack his bed roll into his backpack he felt something wrapped up inside.  Carefully tipping it out he found the Poppet that had first drawn his attention the night before.

That Poppet in its small wooden casket has been handed down through generations of the Price family, as has the knowledge of how to recreate all 227 of the figures that Barry Price’s ancestor discovered that night 194 years ago and that his ancestor recreated in clay and sold or traded in all four corners of the world.

Some of the figures discovered that night and still recreated appear to be Magical Poppets, small figures used  in folk magic most often to heal or aid a person from a distance. Barry is very happy if the Poppets he creates are used for this purpose .



Whilst poppets have on occasion also been used  to curse or hurt someone it is a rarity and is strongly advised against due to the well known rule of three that states that whatever energy a person puts out into the world, be it positive or negative, will be returned to that person threefold. 




These sculptures are for display purposes only and not to be played with as toys i.e. they are NOT suitable for children.