Red Spring Goddess

A quick search on the internet reveals many pictures of the beautifully sculpted gardens of the Chalice Well which surrounds Glastonbury’s most famous natural water source, the Red Spring. It is a chalybeate spring, rich in iron oxide – hence the colour – and is long reputed to have miraculous healing properties.

According to legend the Chalice Well is believed to have been the location where the Holy Grail from Jesus’ Last Supper was either washed or buried by Joseph of Arimathea. Some believe the chalice held drops of Jesus’ blood from the crucifixion and that when Joseph placed the chalice near the well the iron-stained waters miraculously started to flow. 

I have a feeling the waters were flowing long before Joseph’s alleged visit, a perpetual gift from Mother Earth. According to local lore, the waters from this spring have three attributes common with human blood: the water has a red tinge to it (seen when collected in large quantities due to the iron oxide it contains); the water coagulates (the iron oxide collects as rust); and the water is warm (surprisingly the water from the well is often warmer than the surface ground temperature).
Whatever lores have sprung up around the Red Spring it is, in essence, a beautiful site and gift to all. Many people visiting the water feel the blessing and life-giving force it possesses. The Red Spring Goddess poppet represents the power and beauty of this sacred spring.

Handmade stuffed rag doll. Hair – a variety of wool, yarn, lace, sari fabric and ribbons. Enamel star. Phial containing Red Spring water, sealed with wax, with lace bow.

10 inches/26cm in length


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