This little Oak Nymph has had a traumatic time. The ancient Oak Tree that had been his home for hundreds of years was struck by lighting. Quercus managed to escape and take his precious  treasures with him to the safety of this nearby Toadstool where he cowered whilst he watched his beloved home burn to the ground.  He was rescued by one of the forest wardens and brought to my Emporium where his burns were treated and his psychological scars were attended to. He is very attached to his toadstool now and should be kept with it and his special treasures at all times.

Toadstool – Velvet and cotton with hand embroidered ‘spots’. Quercus – Handmade felt and acorn caps. Base of Toadstool – dried moss, herkimer diamond, hag stone, shell, conker shell, acorns.

9 inches/22cm height
6 inches/15cm width




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