Mr Purrception

Mr Purrception is a very cool cat indeed. He strutted into my Emporium, plonked himself down on my craft table, and told me he was finished with his previous owner and needed to find a new home. This three eyed feline’s skill lies in helping people open up to their higher self and follow the life they desire to lead. Just staring into his face will help your third eye bloom and for you to understand your deepest desires and individual talents. Mr P loves music and dancing and always has a positive spin on life no matter how confusing events might be at the time. 

Handmade stuffed and jointed doll, with moveable arms and legs. Cotton and jersey material. OOAK polymer clay fish skeleton pendant. 

15 inches/38cm in length



including free UK Postage

I am always more than happy to quote for international shipping - Please CONTACT ME for a postage quote




My dolls/toys/curios are for display only and not to be played with as toys i.e. they are NOT suitable for children.


Re online-selling regulations I want to make it quite clear that you are buying a tangible doll for entertainment purposes only. Whatever history they come with I cannot guarantee you will have the same or similar experience. I am not responsible for any activities or non-activities which may occur as a result of purchasing any item on this site.


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