Poor Giggles, she never wanted to be a clown – who does? Her previous owner was obsessed with them though and decked her out in a clown outfit and painted her face. She was placed in a cabinet surrounded by all types of clowns, large, small, plastic, china, glass, all leering at her. Giggles started to rebel, she scratched her face paint off – it was re-applied. She grated the paint off – it was re-applied. She even burnt herself against a candle - no patching could be made there but a careful re-applying of paint around the hole. Giggles was driven mad by her clown collecting owner and eventually started taken revenge. The massacre began. Clown ornaments and dolls either disappeared or were found mutilated in various ways. That was when Giggles was brought to me so no further damage might be caused to her previous owner’s collection.  I am offering Giggles up for adoption along with some of her clown victims in the hope that she will focus on them and not be tempted to search out more.

Plastic doll, with moveable arms and legs showing signs of wear and tear – see pictures. Clown costume and felt removable hat with clown woollen hair. Burnt wooden clown poppet in arms. Clown sand filled doll and pierrot porcelain head in handmade felted wool basket. NOTE: Care must be taken as Giggles is holding a real razor blade and although rusted and blunt might still cause damage if not handled with care.

11 inches/28cms in height (sitting down)


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