Elowen is a very happy little wild thing. She tells me her name is Cornish for Oak Tree and she was made to honour the sacred Oak which would explain her holding an acorn and the ogham ‘Duir/Oak’ embroidered on her back. The Oak Tree is often associated with honour, wisdom and strength and in nature supports a complex ecosystem of many species. Elowen is ready to support you in your tasks. We should live a life which makes us happy and she will help you find the confidence to strive for a life of freedom without being worn down by the expectations of others.

Felt body with merino wool antlers. Hand felted wool skirt. Wood, amber and acrylic beads.

9 inches/24cm in length



including free UK Postage

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My dolls/toys/curios are for display only and not to be played with as toys i.e. they are NOT suitable for children.


Re online-selling regulations I want to make it quite clear that you are buying a tangible doll for entertainment purposes only. Whatever history they come with I cannot guarantee you will have the same or similar experience. I am not responsible for any activities or non-activities which may occur as a result of purchasing any item on this site.


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