Elen of the Ways

As a trained shamanic practitioner Elen of the Shimmering Ways, Elen of the Hosts, the Green Lady, is very close to my heart as she reveals the lost ways of British Shamanism. She is Guardian of the Leys and in this capacity, helps connect us to the shamanic flight paths throughout the land. I also experience her as elusive and changeable, with many different faces. She is most commonly known as Elen of the Ways, soul of the forest and creator of tracks and paths which have facilitated human and animal movement down through the ages.
The wellbeing of the land and the movement of the beings that live on that land are Her domain. She bestows balance between the varied energies of the land, its fertility, and the cycles of our natural world. She is particularly associated with the migration routes of deer, especially reindeer (sadly, these magnificent beasts died out in Britain about 8,300 years ago).
Call on Elen of the Ways to protect you in your journeying – whether along physical roads, including underground and waterways, or energetically along the energy lines that flow throughout the world. As well as physical and energetic pathways she will guard and guide you on your spiritual path too. Inner journey work with Elen energy will lead you to the deep wild wood of your heart and soul.
Wooden peg doll. Green linen underdress. Green silk sari tabard with gold patterning. Hand dyed cotton yarn belt, Tibetan silver deer charm and flower beads. Paperclay horns. Yarn hair. Lichen encrusted wooden staff* with metal leaf charm and honey jade bead.
*lichen staff taken from windfall branches.
5.5 inches/14cms in height, 4 inches/10cms at maximum width


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