Textile Art Sculptures

My textile art sculptures are rare and one could say they are ‘birthed’ through my hands. They initially make themselves known to me in dreams. I know they are to be brought into this reality if the dreams (night and day) persist. I start forming them with no idea how they will turn out - no pattern to guide me, no idea of height, colours or what media to use. I just let them come forth. They take many hours and patience to complete so I do not embark upon their creation lightly.



My dolls/toys/curios are for display only and not to be played with as toys i.e. they are NOT suitable for children.


Re online-selling regulations I want to make it quite clear that you are buying a tangible doll for entertainment purposes only. Whatever history they come with I cannot guarantee you will have the same or similar experience. I am not responsible for any activities or non-activities which may occur as a result of purchasing any item on this site.


Goddess Sekhmet

Sekhmet (Sakhmet) is one of the oldest known Egyptian deities. Her name is often translated as the “Powerful One” or “She who is Powerful”. She is depicted as a lion-headed woman, sometimes with the addition of a sun disc on her head and the Uraeus (cobra) symbol of divine authority. She usually holds the ankh of life and a sceptre with a top in the shape of a papyrus umbel (a ‘wadj’ sceptre).
In Egyptian mythology, Sekhmet is:


  • a warrior goddess

  • goddess of healing

  • protector of the pharaohs as she led them in warfare

  • patron of Physicians and Healers (the priests of Sekhmet became known as skilled doctors) 

Sekhmet was mentioned several times in the spells of The Book of the Dead as both a creative and destructive force, but above all, she is the protector of Ma’at (balance or justice).

She was also known as the “Lady of Pestilence” and the “Red Lady” (indicating her alignment with the desert) and it was thought that she could send plagues against those who angered her. 

Handmade stuffed and jointed doll, with moveable arms and legs, needle felted with merino wool. Shift in red silk material – note pictures make the silk look pinker than it is. Colour is more of a deep claret. Ankh, Uraeus and sun disc made from clay and painted metallic gold. Papyrus head of sceptre made from felt, shaft from ash with brass point. Necklace made from real ancient Egyptian beads (circa 700 BC) and seed beads. Real, naturally shed, domestic cat whiskers. Stand incorporated.

22 inches/56cm tall



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