Amethyst is a young member of the tribe and has a lot of hair and beautiful soul-searching eyes.


For those of you who are interested the colour Purple is said to:

  • Help connect you to the supernatural, the divine and your higher consciousness and is often used as an aid for meditation and psychic ability

  • Promote a general sense of calm as well as easing anxiety and stress

  • Help relieve insomnia, addiction and headaches as well as slowing down an over-active heart and stimulating the immune system

  • Trigger your creativity and imagination as well as allowing you to connect with your deeper thoughts

  • Purple is linked to the Crown Chakra and to the union of body and soul, creating a balance between our physical and our spiritual energies.


Bursting with love and kindness Amethyst would make a wonderful addition to any home.


Felt body with merino wool hair. Vintage paste sparkle brooch in her tummy.


6 inches/15 cms in height


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