Do I need to state that Acantha is a protection poppet? Her very, very….very thorny head depicts in all her glory that she isn’t to be messed with. The protection Acantha offers is that of a strong barrier to all negativity and can help those who have trouble in setting personal boundaries. Despite being a strong medicine poppet Acantha is also very understanding – her eyes are full of love and compassion for those who are experiencing bullying, dominance, gaslighting etc. I feel she is a Hookland version of the Indian goddess Kali – instead of holding severed heads Acantha wears her sash of skulls and carries her bottle of thorns with pride. If her thorn protection was not enough, she also wears a herkimer diamond around her neck – a stone which is a master healer, amplifying and speeding up all well-being and transformational processes.

(NOTE: Acantha will need handling with great care!!)

Handmade hand dyed stuffed rag doll. Vintage button eyes. Blackthorn and berberis thorns in head and bottle. Herkimer diamond.

8 inches/20cm in length



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