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Proprietress - Mistress Hulda Crowsigh.


Mistress Crowsigh inherited The Hookland Doll Emporium many moons ago. Hulda was always considered the black sheep of the family, her wanderlust was greater than her acquiescing to family tradition. But whilst psychopomping her mother's soul to the Otherlands Hulda pledged to her that she would always open the shop as and when she was in Ashcourt.

Hulda kept her vow for many years, opening the shop for six months at a time and spending the other six months taking ship from the port of Ashcourt to scour the globe for curiosities, relics, lost dolls and religious periapts.

Little is known of Hulda's movements during the wars, but there are rumours of her being a spy, tales of  her thwarting Nazi plans to obtain certain religious paraphernalia and whispers of her being part of an alliance of cunning folk who ultimately helped turn the tide of war in favour of the Allies. Hulda will neither confirm or deny any of these rumours, she generally just shrugs and changes the subject.

Hulda left Ashcourt vowing never to return after the incident known as 'The Doll Murder' occurred at Drift Bardon.

Time passed, things became forgotten and Mistress Crowsigh found the pull of Hookland's ghost soil to be too much to bear. An old sailing ship recently made port in Ashcourt and there are rumours that The Hookland Doll Emporium in Hare's Leap Lane has an 'open' sign  in the window once again.

Hulda's reputation has grown over the years and she finds herself to be temporary custodian of a unique collection of antiquities, relics and ephemera some of which were considered by those who owned them to be 'high risk' or ominous. Hulda believes passionately that every 'jinxed' object should be given a second chance, a second home. She spends her time searching for more open-minded and accommodating owners and only asks a small finder's fee for her troubles. 

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